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It can be a dangerous place! Quite a few people have gone out of rafts at a point where there is a big rock (it has a name - I just don't remember it!) and drowned.....I rafted one time there 12-14 years ago....scared the everlasting caca out of me! Went right out of the raft within the first 10 minutes.....spent the whole trip in terror!

But the pizza looks really good! we did not have pizza.... :'(

“Park Manager Ken Bisbee said the victim, believed to be 40 to 50 years old, was confirmed dead after his raft flipped downstream of Dimple Rock. Bisbee said the victim’s foot was trapped, making rescue attempts unsuccessful.”
I searched for the news and found this. It is scary! Thanks I will watch out if I ever raft:eek:
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