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Oh what a day! lots of pics

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Today was puppy class day. We started by getting the boys used to the kennel box in the back of our truck.
They did great! At first they didn't want the door shut but eventually settled down.

After getting through this we went to class. Mace was great but doesn't like to go up the teeter-totter or the mini ramp. Rex didn't really want to do anything, which of course we are working on that!

There was a fest in town and our club was putting on a show. A club from Austria came to visit our club too! I just wish I had my camera.

There were 8 GSD there.
I met two Newfies... Jack was 75 kilos and WOW!
His head was massive! There was one Belgian Mal. A Shelty, 3 Boarder Collies, 2 Schnauzers, Malamute, mountain dog, and the rest I don't know as they were either mixes or in their traveling kennels.
The boys were called Keeshond!

And they were treated to huge pieces of lyoner wurst. DH wasn't careful as the boys love wurst and now he has a gash in his finger from one of the boys trying to eat him.
They were tired when we got home from all the fun.

KC was just a good big sister all day today.

She got a treat when we got home. I just laughed as her ears flopped around.

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They look like they all had so much fun at the fest and club gathering-- how neat is that! The ear pictures of KC are as adorable as the sleepy floppy boy pics of baby Mace LOL!
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They are all simply adorable! And you must be a saint for raising 3 puppies at the same time!
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Looked like they had a blast, too cute
You guys are killing me with the puppy pictures. They make me want another one.
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