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OMG! She is soooo adorable. I love her expression!

Dharma doesn't bother the tp but she will take anything that I put in the trash and carry it off. Sometimes it is frustrating not to be able to use my trashcans. They really can be hellions when they want. I've always said it was a good thing God made her so dang cute or she wouldn't have survived puppyhood.

Sounds exactly like Minna. She'll walk by a trash can and grab whatever she can out of it and then walk off -- of course she always gets caught so she drops whatever she has in her mouth, but it's still a little annoying. And she's mastered the skill of opening the cabinet in the kitchen where the trash is kept.

She likes tp as well, but I think I broke that habit, for I'm sure that bad habit will come back though at some point. She goes in and out of bratty stages every other week it seems like
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