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OFA elbow?? Should I or should I not??

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I plan on getting Tash's hip x-rayed again as soon as I have the money to do it.

Recently I've been thinking, Her grandpa -from sires side- has Degenerative Joint Disease I Unilateral Right

What does this mean? Does tis mean Tash has a higher possiblity of having elbow problems? Should I get her elbows x-rayed?

Also the elbow x-ray is it one elbow per film? Or do they get both elbows on one film?

Reason I ask is I'm trying to guess how much it would cost me to get her hips/elbows x-rayed. X-ray films are $40 per film. So $40 for hip then would it be $40 or $80 for the elbows?

If it's just one film for the elbows then that put's me at $80 for the two x-rays plue the $40 OFA fee so $120 and I think the sedation is $20 so $140 plus the office call which is 10.50 so $150.50?

I wish I could find my bill from the last time I got her hip x-ray so I can figure this out a bit better as in know what I payed for the x-ray as I can then figure out what the sedation cost I had her tested for heart-worm and got a 6pk of heartgard so the bill was for more then an x-ray
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With both Cheyenne and Lakota when I had the Hips done I had the Elbows done and sent to OFA.

Elbow Xrays are one elbow per plate.

I don't know who you used for the previous Xrays, but I am becoming very fussy on who is doing the Xrays for submission to OFA.

Edited to add: I think elbows are just as big a concern as hips.
I'd have the elbows done just for peace of mine if she's going to be sedated for the hips anyway.

I'm trying to dig up the bill from when I got my one girls' hips and elbows done, but I can't seem to find it. But I *think* I was charged for one x-ray for the elbows, even though it is two separate views...but those are digital x-rays, maybe for the regular kind it's different...

I wish it was only $40 for xrays here! The average here is $80-100 for each. For hips, elbows, sedation, etc, it was $285 for my one girl.
Also when I was looking to get x-rays done I called several vet clinics in the area to get estimates. So you could give your vet a call and ask if he/she will do that.
It is 3 xrays total one for hips and one for each elbow, my vet charges me $125 for everything then I send in the xrays plus ofa fee in to ofa. mine is $30 for each xray and 35 for sedation.
Get an estimate.
My vet wouldn't even give me an estimate, they told me I had to pay $125 for a consult (meaning come in to meet the guy who was going to do the xray and then get an estimate on how much the actual xray would cost). I took Ghost somewhere else for his hip/elbows to be xrayed - I wasn't going to pay $125 just for an estimate

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That IS insane. I called the clinic I chose for this purpose and got an estimate for hips, elbows, and spine x-rays on Babsy and Jenna. Hips and Elbows to be sent to OFA, and microchipping. It came to in the area of $700, which included everything for both dogs. I wanted the spines done to ensure there was no early arthritis going on. So if you figure about $350/dog for all that and a consultation fee, $125 for an estimate is insane. It would have been 500 and something without the backs. I have heard of people getting it cheaper. I don't know. I chose the place where I thought I was likely to get the best pictures.

If they tried to charge me like that for an estimate, I think I would find a new vet and give them all of my business.

I plan to do hips and elbows on four dogs this year. Which has me a little bit nervous.
Tash -along with all my family's dogs except my aunts dogs- goes to the best vet in town. They are UTD on all kidns of stuff and really know what they're talking about.

X-rays here are also done digitally. I thik I'll go in with repecting $200. I'll still call and ask though
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