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Odin & I at a seminar

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We were lucky enough to be invited to a seminar held by Upstate K9 a few weeks ago, they brought in Dutch trainer and police handler Hennie Bolster. We unfortunately could only make it to one day out of the three, but it was still an excellent learning opportunity.

Odin hasn't been worked in months, so I was pleased to see that he was still very excited to see the sleeve, we just need to find a club where we can train at regularly again.

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It was in Hilton, NY.. about 30 minutes outside of Rochester. :)
I think so, i've only been to Watertown I think once in my life, lol. But yeah they're the second closest to me, we trained there for a while but they scaled back on their training.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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