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observation about how Radar can read my emotions..

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This is kind of weird but I posted the other day that Radar had a spot on his nose that I thought he got from his crate. Before this time Radar has been doing a great job in his crate. He gets lots of exercise and from the start I have been giving him stuffed kongs to help him settle quickly. On the day he scratched his nose my 10 year old had to clean out her closet after school- Radar knew this was "their" play time and could hear her but not get to her. I guess in his attempt to get out he rubbed his nose between the bars. His breeder said this was called "crate nose"! As soon as it would look better he would accidently rub it again on his crate and make it worse. I was very upset about this because I love his beautiful nose and would hate to see it scarred or for him to have crate anxiety. We finally solved the problem by leaving him in a pen or a crate with bars closer together on the door at night and for naps. The weird thing is now he cries and screams like he did the first night we ever put him a crate. The only difference is my feelings... I used to be like "Radar, suck it up and get used to it" and he would quiet right down. Now that I'm like "poor Radar, I hope you don't rub your nose" he cries more in his crate! Am I reading too much into this or are they really that perceptive of our feelings? I'm not that much of a Ceaser Milan fan but I really think it does make a difference when you have a calm, positive attitude! By the way his nose is much better now!

His beautiful nose:
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Oh he can read you!! smart little one.
You have to show him who is the pack leader. I don't agree with ceasar in some of the stuff he does but he is absolutely right about what energy you put out there.
Let me tell you mine is 3 and he know what buttons to push, sometimes it works and other times it doesn't.
Be strong and he will be fine.
I know its hard cause he is too cute but he has to learn.
Love those ears!!
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I love his toes! They are so cute! (His nose ain't bad either, btw!) I'm sorry it was sore.

I think you're on to something there about them responding to our emotions. I took our pupster to a "Yappy Hour" held by our trainer for puppy playtime which is part of our training class and I had my older kids with me. I'm always anxious around other dogs when I have kids with me since I know how quickly a child can get in the middle of a puppy tangle and get the worse end of the deal (not too mention giving a playful puppy a bad rep) and our Lucky stayed by my kids the whole time. I swear she knew I was kind of anxious to keep the kids away from the crazy pups and she took it upon herself to entertain them.

They all had a blast racing up and down a huge hill (kids and *our* puppy along with a friendly golden) and I was so relieved. Lucky even left the fray and responded to my call every time I called her in spite of the action. I was so proud of her.

I hope Radar's beautiful sniffer is back in business soon!
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He's adorable!

It sounds like the little guy is living up to his name! lol.
I firmly believe that they pick up on our emotions. I see it all the time with Gunner. I'm one of those people who has a pretty quick temper and absolutely no patience. (Except with the dogs. I have all the patience in the world with them. With anything else, not so much!)
If I start to get angry about something, or if I'm working on a piece that isn't going as well as I'd like it to, Gunner will perk up and look at me and within a few seconds, he's coming over to me, giving me this little whine and pawing at me. I don't have to say a word, I don't have to give him any physical cues whatsoever... he just knows I'm starting to get mad and he gets upset. He's taught me to calm down because I don't like to get him worked-up. lol.

I've never watched Milan, but if he believes they pick up on our emotions, I definitely agree with him about that.
He is so cute. I love the toes too.

Alot of people on here aren't a fan of Caesar Milan. I have watched some shows. While I don't agree everything, I do believe that. My two guys definitely feed off my emotions. Sometimes they get so worked up, I start getting worked up. If I calm down and take control, I can see the change almost immediately.
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