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I just started a new job and am on rotating shifts (2 weeks of days, 2 weeks of afternoons) with mandatory weekends through out the next few months.

I was wondering if anyone knew of someone involved with schH who does obedience training (and possibly tracking) that takes clients in the Kitchener area?

I want to polish up some things and would like someone to come to me based on the hours I am available throughout the week. I would ideally like once per week for a few hours, or even twice per week for an hour or so.

Not looking to do protection, just clean up our obedience, get us ready to trial and looking good. ;)

Would also like someone who is involved in the sport so that they are aware of rule changes, trial procedures, etc..

I am going to post in the classified section on the GSSCC as well but for some reason my password won't work and am waiting for them to contact me about it.

Any suggestions would be great thanks! I am only willing to travel about 20mins outside of Kitchener/Waterloo.... I know I am being a pain, but my new job is sorta dictating what I can and can't do right now.
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