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Nylon Mesh crate

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I am interested in getting a mesh crate for Onyx to take to training,etc. I am wondering how to train her not to paw the sides and where is a place(online is good) that have them reasonable priced.
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This is where I bought mine:

There was one other place I found with a comparable price, but the shipping was slightly less from this company.

As far as not pawing at it, the only thing I can suggest is to give her something to occupy her while she's in there, like a stuffed kong.
If she's really destructive in a metal or plastic crate, there's no fabric crate that will do. Any of our dogs with the intent, and a VERY short amount of time, can ruin the zipper (and get out) or just eat a hole in a fabric crate to get out.

If she just paws a few times and lays down, most crates would work fine.

I personally like the Canine Camper. Can roll up the sides to allow airflow in the summer. Or roll down and cover the crate in the cold of winter OR to give the dog a more quiet 'den' if needed. The new ones have 2 doors, you can open the front or the side zipper.
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She is fine in a crate, but only knows a wire one. In a training facility, I hope she will just settle. I will observe her and give her something to do when she goes in. I googled them and most were pretty high price for something she could just scratch out from. But I will have to give one a try... Thank you both for the information!

is where I ended up ordering one for less than $100 w/ shipping. I hope it will be ok, easy up. I got the day tripper, no poles to fit, ordered the largest one.
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I found a nice one at Petsmart marked for clearance. I wanted one for my JRT for when we travel since I knew my GSD's would never stay in a mesh crate.
So I get to the register with the marked down crate, and it rings up for ONE DOLLAR. I thought the cashier would realize there was a mistake but nope...
Good thing it cost no more than that because he put his foot through it the second I put him inside!
I had a super nice one for Kelsey to take to AKC shows...the first time I took it to schutzhund - one good swipe when she was excited during bitework and shredded crate....If the dog has any enthusiam for work, and gets exciting waiting their turn, it is rags....for AKC shows, they are good for a well crate trained dog who respects the idea of a crate....but they offer absolutely NO security at all!

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