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Nutro - back in stock!

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During my trip to PetsMart today I noticed that they had the Nutro Venison and Brown Rice formula and the Herring formula back on the shelves!

Just wanted to share that with anyone who has been looking for those formula's ....
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i thought there was a recall on Nutro????
There was no recall, a lot of reports of dogs getting sick but no recall
i thought there was a recall on Nutro but Barb E. informed me there wasn't but alot of dogs got sick from it. so with alot of dogs getting sick from it do you think you should use it again?
I switch my dogs off it and I am not going back to it.
My son's competitive labs were sponsored by Nutro and they provided tons of financial support. Be he dropped them anyway, in part because the Nutro Rep would simply not answer any direct questions. He is now feeding a food manufactured from fresh verggies and meat, in the USA.
I don't feed Nutro, I just noticed it was back in stock at the stores.
I had Shadow on Nutro Lg Breed Puppy food, and he wasn't growing well. At 3 1/2 months he only weighed 23 lbs and was undersized. He is now on Proplan and doing great. Almost up to average!!! No more Nutro for us.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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