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I don't know where this is normally put, i had assumed someone would of already posted it.
I found at Echo's trainer on Saturday there is another recall on
Nutro dog foods.

I just saw someone post in another thread that her dog is eating nutro and has stopped eating! I PM'd her, but if anyone knows her personally please call or contact her asap! username is kasbn
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Is this a new Recall? What I see is Lawsuit info from the 2007 major recall.
That appears to be the list from last year's Menu recall

Nutro is not my favorite dog food and with all I've read I probably wouldn't feed it.

BUT, and that's a huge but, we as pet owners need to use caution and make sure what we pass on is real. I'm not necessarily pointing at you Foo Lyn Roo - I know that you really are concerned about the dog here - but someone could start the same type of issue with any other dog food.

I do wish Nutro would do some serious testing and then put all the info out for the public
Our trainer said this is a new recall.
She had a website printed out, but I neglected to look, because
we don't use nutro.

If we get there tommorow Ill try to copy it down so we can all check it out and see whats going on.
There is way too much he said she said stuff going on about Nutro ... I was in PetsMart today and they told me there is no recall.

Hopefully, this will all die down soon ....
Re: Nutro Recall Again - NOT!!!!

People, I love that we can communicate and pass on info, but PLEASE do it responsibly.

Check the DATES of a warning/panic/recall before posting here. is the FDA recall site with REAL up to date information (not the over reaction we pass on usually). So you can save that in your Favorites and check.

There ARE some cans and pouches that are recalled, but if you look at the list almost EVERY dog brand has some kind of recall going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From 7/02/08 (click here)

Quote: Nutro Products Quality

A June 23, 2008 posting on falsely claims that NUTRO™ pet foods may have been the cause of pet health issues in a number of specific cases. Every NUTRO™ product that was analyzed in relation to the June 23 posting on has been shown to be safe. It should be noted that in some of these cases outside sources have provided clear verification that NUTRO™’s products were NOT the cause of any pet health issues. In others, NUTRO™ has taken active steps to address pet owners' concerns and determine the cause of pet health issues. While we continue in our efforts to contact owners there is nothing that indicates that these pet health issues were caused by NUTRO™ pet foods.

While consumer concerns about NUTRO™ product quality are rare, we take every complaint seriously. When we learn of an issue, we work with consumers to obtain information and request that samples of any product in question be submitted for testing at an independent facility. An in-depth review is performed to determine if an issue does exist. Consumers with questions or concerns about NUTRO™ products are encouraged to contact our Consumer Services Department at 1-800-833-5330.

NUTRO™ Products, Inc. remains committed to the quality, safety and performance of all our pet food brands. As we have for over 80 years, we strive to deliver the finest natural products to our customers and their pets.
Re: Nutro Recall Again - NOT!!!!

So is there really a recall on Nutro natural choice dry food or not?
Re: Nutro Recall Again - NOT!!!!

Quote:So is there really a recall on Nutro natural choice dry food or not?

But best thing to do isn't trust or believe me!!!!
Instead, go to the FDA site I posted above, check for yourself, and (this is most important for ALL of us) save that site in you Favorites.

So the NEXT time we see yet ANOTHER warning about dog food we can check for ourselves for truth (or not).
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