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Nupro Supplement

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Does anyone use this? I see it advertised in the Dog Fancy magazines and looks to be pretty good stuff. I have never had them on joint supplements before but think it couldn't hurt.

Any thoughts?
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I have used it since the middle of last year. Based on suggestions from this board, I also use the Springtime joint supplements and Bug off with the Nupro. Kayla has moderate HD and is pretty active-in addition to obedience and rally trials, we started doing agility in Feb and she is going strong.

She has also not skipped a meal since I started the Nupro-she loves it.

The Springtime link is here:

BowwowMeow should be along shortly as she seems to be the forum's official unofficial voice for Springtime products here.
You might pm her if she does not chime in in a while.
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i vote for Canine Complete holistic supplement. i think its the best all round supplement on the market. Nupro is a good product, but doesn't have alot of what CC has.,
the only other supplement i can recommend would be something from "missing link"

I've used the joint Nupro for years and been very pleased. Got my Lab to live 15 yrs with it! And my 9 yr old GSD is also doing well.

They love the taste, it's easy to add to the food, seems to be a good mix of all the nutrients that do well for our dogs, so I use it.

You seen this article
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