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NQ'd with both my dogs today, happy though....

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It was a puppy match. The real thing is next Saturday and Sunday for both of them.

Arwen was going Novice Obedience. She healed on leash great, did the figure eight fine, then I thought we were doing the recall, and we were healing free -- duh! But we started again and she did that great too. We had a problem with the recall. She sat down too far away from me, and as I was still looking at her, she then lay herself down. Hmmmmph! I said No, and had her come front and she did it right, then we finished. The stand was a mess. I walked off diagonally instead of in front. Then when I moved to the front she broke and I restood her. She then did fine at allowing the judge to examine her. Sits and downs were perfect, even though the golden retriever next to us kept threatening to lie down and had to be encouraged to stay there. But we NQ'd. I have hope for next weekend though. Arwen did that Recall thing fine outside the ring today beforehand, and it was my blunder on the stand. She did hold her stand until I got back to the shoulder which is what she had a problem with last time.

Tori the Terrible stayed in the car from 9:00 until about 2:00. Once I got her out I let her leak, but we were in a hurry as Rally was winding down, and I knew I was up soon. She was actually not bad at all waiting to go into the ring. All the people around and she did not try to head for the hills. I was so happy. We went into the ring with my thinking that she was going to drag me around. It was outside. She did not. She was going along nicely when near the end of the spiral, she decided to drop a load. Instant NQ. Maybe, if I do not give her her breakfast, that will not happen. I can feed her after she shows and clean up after her.

All in all, I was so pleased with Tori today that I did not have to threaten her with the APL, a PRONG COLLAR, or Euthanasia more than once or twice. No, really, we had a good time. I asked if Tori and I could finish our run through as I do not want her to think that is a good way to get out of the ring. Personally, I think she was just nervous before hand with all the people and all the dogs, and once she was inside the ring, where it was just me and the judge and her, she was a little more relaxed and the body decided to function. Nice to know she can relax in the ring. I just wish she would not relax the bowel.
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If it makes you feel better, I entered Strauss in an all GSD match when he was young (just over a year of age), and we NQed.

Went out the very next weekend and we got our first CD leg :p. I saw the man who had judged the match there...I told him that we'd secured our first leg with a second place.

He couldn't believe it xD

You'll be fine
thanks. The CD is a lot tougher than Rally. But once I get the hang of it, we'll get there. it is too bad that I screw the dogs up during these things. Hmmmmph.
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