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Not sure what to do anymore

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Malik is over 3 years old and has become picky for food. He used to be a hound. At some point I posted as he wasn't eating breakfast, and got that resolved as we were feeding him too much Evo No Grain. He started eating again just fine (but vet said Evo might be too high in protein for him so suggested to switch, which we did for Blackwood 5000 for his allergies).
About a month ago he's developed Demodex around 1 eye, vet said it clears on its own so just wait. I found this Immune Booster formula suggested by one of you, and started giving him that. He didn't mind after a couple of days, mixed in food.
Now he refuses to eat in the morning. If I add a salmon cookie, it helps but not always. He used to love sardines, now snobs them. Then he gets sort of interested around 10 a.m. and once I coax him to eat a bite, he eats his whole bowl, although sometimes leaves a mouthful. So he then refuses his lunch (we feed him 3 times to avoid GVD). And sometimes his diner.
Yesterday I skipped his breakfast to try to get him back on track. He then wolfed his lunch and diner down ! But this morning, same again.
This is starting to worry me, and I wonder if I should go back to Evo. I'm concerned he's not getting enough food, and he gets plenty of exercise between our long walks and running with my hb.
I also started giving him buffalo femurs 15mn at a time (or he'll eat the whole thing), but that screws up his meal schedules even more.

So, I don't know what to do anymore, any ideas here?
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This sounds like my problem. I don't know if I have created a picky eater, or he's just not hungry. My guy will avoid his Evo Red Meat, skip his meals then throw up bile.
I recently switched him back to Solid Gold Millenia and going to start adding a premade raw mix into his food just to coerce him back into eating.
My guy is a very thin 74 lbs. You can see his ribs and feel his spine.

Good luck. I know how you feel.
As long as he is a healthy weight...and his health is good...I wouldn't worry. Sounds like he just isn't a morning eater...and may even be fed too much food.

How much does he weigh? Can you feel is ribs (you want to)...does he have a waist? Is he being fed the right amount? (btw- the bag recommendation is only that...the exact right amount willy vary from dog to dog)

If he is just right.....and doesn't like eating in the morning...I'd go with that...and feed later......
Have you tried just feeding him twice a day? I know a LOT of dogs that just don't want to eat first thing in the morning. Even my 11 week old puppy eats more in the afternoon and evening than she does in the morning.

Who many cups a day does he get? (I guess I should say how much do you GIVE him?)
I feed evo too and Jake recently started to skip morning meal.I was concerned but then realized due to bad heat and humidity he was not being that active(versus winter when he is a maniac yard runner go-go boy)Just started skipping morning meal replacing it with a biscuit and he seems OK with that.I think sometimes we do not match calories with activity in our minds.Not all dogs will eat more than they need.By the way Jake is NOT treat driven in training but reward-ball-tug maniac
All good comments, thanks. I feed him 200g three times a day, which is below the recommended amount for a 97lbs dog. He seems to be fit, thin, but it's his nature, has never been chubby as he has a more lanky body than typical GSDs. Ribs are fine, he has a waist.
He does get lots of exercise, and we're in Wyoming, and summer is NOT here yet (might snow tomorrow !!!??). He runs with my hb, gets 3 walks a day, midday one is at least 1 hour.
I might just try to go back to Evo, my naturopath vet knows a lot about nutrition and said the regular vet was not right, Evo No Grain is fine, not too high in protein.
Might snow tomorrow! wish I was there.I think from what you say your dog is doing fine.I think some dogs seem to be 'foodies'maybe it is related to genetics/boredom/spoiling??and other dogs who somehow do not view food as anything other than a means to maintain themselves/survive and they have a life outside food and do not always eat what a 'dog person' living with them thinks they should.Lethargy-withdrawal-loss 0f interest in life a BIG problem that needs a vet visit.He is most probably fine.
He may just not be needing the three meals. Blackwood products are higher in kcals than a lot of other feeds (yes, even Evo) and maybe he will do better on less amount spread into the multiple meals? He may just be satisfied.

I love Blackwood's products they are very good, highly digestible and the company is awesome.

Could you post some info on Blackwood-not my topic do not want to intrude but don't think I ever heard about them? They are made at Ohio Pet Foods (great plant that was not involved in any recalls and is approved for the Euro market which is very difficult to get) Family started and run, inveted by sporting dog people looking for a good food for their own dogs...great prducts at great prices, highly digestable and gives wonderful results and all ingredients are domestically gorwn and purchased. Used by many breeders, show people, working dog people, mushers and hunters for their dogs.

My second fav company and products that really perform

Check them out!

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