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Not So Pretty Coat

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Hi All-
I was just curious what a healthy GSD puppy coat should look/feel like. I can't seem to remember how Josette's was. Keller's feels very dry and he has a lot of dander. I bathed him twice since I got him (almost 4 weeks ago) because he peed in his crate and laid in it. Last weekend he peed in his crate again, and I just wiped him down with baby wipes for sensitive skin because I didn't want to bathe him again so soon.

Should I bathe him to get all the dander out? Any other suggestions?

Thanks guys!
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I would say, stop bathing him.
For his peeing in his crate:put up a crate divider to make the crate smaller. Take him out MUCH more regularly: after eating, after drinking, especially the very second he wakes from a nap or sleeping, after playing-- each of these IMMEDIATELY. He may be being crated too long. Restrict his water intake, or rather, regulate it. He clearly just cannot hold it enough in his crate at the schedule that currently exists.

Also, feed him regularly in his crate. (nobody wants to tinkle on their kitchen table)

What are you feeding him, what is his diet like? The quality of the diet can help determine if he is getting enough vitamins and minerals for his coat.
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Thanks for the suggestions, but the peeing has stopped. They were all my fault (giving him too much water before bed). You would think I would know after 7 puppies, but everyone makes mistakes, right? He is in a puppy crate, so no divider needed.

He is eating Nutro puppy food. He is a guide dog in training, so he pretty much has to eat what the school feeds. I can feed him comparable foods, but I really don't have too much flexibility there.

Thanks for your help!!!
We've had our pup about the same number of weeks. We have also had about 2 pees in the crate that have required bathes. We are on a strict schedule but every once in a while Radar has gorged himself with water shortly before bedtime when we forgot to shut the door that leads to his water dish! I use Chris Christenson Day to Day shampoo and After Bath conditioner. Its safe for puppies and made for the frequent washing of show dogs. I love how it smells and how it makes his coat look! I noticed today he had a lot of flakes where I applied frontline about 2 weeks ago. His brush didn't remove the flakes so I tired our other dogs furminator brush and it was fine tooth enough to remove the flakes completly! Here's how he looks:

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Thanks for the hint. Where would you get that shampoo? I've been using dog shampoo that I bought at Target, I think. I used the Zoom Groom and Furminator on him today, but it just seemed to make him flake more

By the way, our boys could be twins! Keller even has the little black on his toes!

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Let me start off my saying ... Keller is GORGEOUS and I love his name!! I would try using a shampoo/conditioner that someone else suggested and I know you mentioned that you really can't mess with his diet too much, but if the changing shampoo/conditioner doesn't make a big difference I would suggest finding a different food for him. And, again ... he is gorgeous and I love the way he is posing for his picture :)
Both Radar and Keller are so adorable!
I love the toe penciling! Its too bad you have to feed Keller Nutro, I had Onyx on that for her first 6 mos. and wasn't real happy with it. Can you give him some fish oil as a supplement? Raw egg would be good to feed once or twice a week.
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OMG! They could be twins! I ordered directly from their website It didn't take long to get here and it's very concentrated. I know it's not good to bathe them much but my little guy gets dirty and stinky! Just tonight he was outside with my kids in the sprinkler and then took a good roll in the dirt. I just wiped him off. Soo, Keller will be a guide dog? I've always thought that would be a cool thing to do someday.
Thanks so much guys, not that I'm biased or anything, but I think he is pretty stinkin' cute

I'm going to go out tomorrow and try to find some milder shampoo and give him a bath. Hopefully that works since I just bought 20 lbs of Nutro last week! If not, I can change him to comparable food, but I'm thinking if I want it to make a difference I would have to go to a better food, which I don't think I can do. I can ask, though and see what they say. At least for now he isn't uncomfortable, I just am unhappy with his coat.
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Are you talking about "drandruff" or "dander?" I'm guessing dandruff, like flaky skin...When Kodee was a little bitty thing he had mange (around 8-9 weeks old it showed up). The vet had me use a medicated shampoo on him daily for a month. Yes, you heard right - a flippin' month!
. Needless to say, he was flaking like crazy from all that shampooing, although it did clear up the mange. Since she said I could use a conditioner after the shampoo, I tried several. The ONLY one that stopped the flaky skin immediately was Fresh 'n Clean Oatmeal n' Baking Soda Conditioner. I also use the same shampoo (when I bathe him, which is hardly ever). These products aren't too expensive (maybe $7.99 for a big bottle), and they smell wonderful! Kodee's coat stopped flaking as soon as I started using this conditioner on him, in spite of the daily baths with harsh prescription shampoo.

These are easy to find - I can get them at Petsmart, and I think even Target might carry them.

The other thing I did when Kodee's mange showed up, was put him on Salmon Oil and Vit E daily. He is on it now, and will stay on it forever - his coat is so shiny and thick, it's unbelieveable, and I think the oil and Vit E has a lot to do with it. He's a little over 9 mos old now, and I get compliments on his coat alot.

Good luck, and OMG you pup is GORGEOUS!!!!!
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Forgive me ... Radar is adorable!! I'm sorry I forgot to mention that!!
My pup always had dandruff, since I brought her home at 8 weeks. She is 11 now, and all her life she has required a multivitamin and some fresh ground flax to keep that dandruff away.

I would look to a nutritional solution for your pup's problem.
I would bathe as infrequently as possible. If he pees on himself or gets muddy just rinse him off with water and no shampoo. When you do use a shampoo I would recommend an oatmeal based, all natural shampoo. Otherwise you may cause more problems with dandruff because you're stripping the oils from his fur. I bathe my dogs about once a year, maybe twice if they roll in something awful and that's it.

Chama has had dandruff off and on her entire life too. It seems to be brought on mostly by stress. I would definitely look at the food that you're feeding and add a good fish oil for his coat and skin.
Hey Everyone-
I went out and bought an oatmeal based shampoo yesterday. I gave him a bath today and his skin and coat are looking the best they have since I got him! Hopefully this will be his last bath for a while (fingers crossed for no more accidents!!!!!)

Keller will (hopefully) be a guide dog some day. He is my 7th puppy, 2nd GSD. If you ever get the chance to, do it! It will change your life.
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