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I think Kodee just tried to turn the doorknob to my bedroom door to get in. LOL! I went in to change clothes, and automatically shut the door (he'd be in there chewing up everything if I didn't), and somebody was trying to turn the doorknob. Kind of creepy, b/c I thought all the kids were asleep, and DH isn't home right now. I go over, thinking, if that's the dog, I'll be shocked. Guess who's on the other side of the door? Yep - Kodee Bear.
I love that he's so smart, but I really hope he doesn't figure out how to turn doorknobs. It's hard enough for me to keep my 2 year old out of things. I don't want to add my dog to the list of peeps to watch out for all the time....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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