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Our dogs were finicky eaters especially our golden mix but once we went raw this problem went away--until recently.

Our golden has gone back to not wanting to eat unless she is hand fed or her sister (a GSD) is hovering around trying to get her food.

We started feeding raw several months ago because they didn't want dry food and their stool was always soft. It was a complete change from dry food--they actually loved it and their poop looked a lot better.

We started with different varieties of Nature's Variety. We found chicken and pork to disturb our golden's tummy so we have been feeding mostly red meat and turkey necks as a snack.

Our golden seemed to grow tired of Nature's Variety so we have been buying red meat (whole and ground) at grocery stores and Whole Foods (when there is a sale). She seems to have the same problem now--not wanting to eat. And now our GSD is starting to get finicky.

They are about a year and 3 months each and the golden weighs about 40 pounds while our GSD is around 55 pounds. Both are good proportionally--not skinny, not overweight. We are feeding each a pound of meat a day (half in the morning and half at night). At night we also mix in glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamin E, fish oil, Vetri DMG Liquid (supports immune system function and performance). We were also giving them probiotics but stopped for a while.

They look healthier than before the raw diet. Can their lack of appetite be the result of them missing anything by eating only meat and bone and nothing else? Are we feeding them too much? Can it be that the novelty has worn off and we need to give them something more "exciting"?

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