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Not Eating/Drinking & Throwing Up

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(Sorry in advanced for the long post)

I've been doing the best I can for Rocky. I do everything that should be done and then some, yet other people I know that have their own puppy don't even do half as much as I do, yet everything is going wrong with mine.

But anyways, NOW Rocky threw up and had diarrhea starting last night/this morning starting around 4AM. I stayed up with him the whole night and he threw up a couple more times to where only yellowish bile was coming up. I checked online on some sites on ways to help soothe a puppy's tummy, and read about yogurt, gatoraid ect...

Well throughout the night, I tried to give him the yogurt and gatoraid, and he refused both of them. While he was resting I cut up some chicken wings that needed to be cut. Normally, instead of throwing away the tips, I'll use them as treats. When I offered him one, he refused, which is WAY out of the ordinary.

The whole day, Rocky has been laying around sleeping, and hasn't eaten anything or drank anything on his own (I've bottle fed him Gatorade). I took him to the vet on Friday morning to get X-rays done on his leg, which he had to be sedated for. He came back Friday afternoon just fine, as his normal self, and during the day Saturday, he was normal too. The signs of anything wrong with him didn't show up until early Sunday morning. And all day today, he has just slept, he hasn't done anything else AT ALL today.

Is there a possibility he got something while at the vet or could it be totally unrelated?? I've talked to my mom about all this, and she said she had something similar happen to one of her dogs, and she said that she just waited about a day, and everything went back to normal.
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How old is your pup and what vaccinations has he had?

Is it possible that he ate something he shouldn't have?

And yes, it's absolutely possible that he got something at the vet.

Is there an e-vet nearby?
How old is your pup and what vaccinations has he had?

Is it possible that he ate something he shouldn't have?

And yes, it's absolutely possible that he got something at the vet.

Is there an e-vet nearby?

He is about 6 months, and has had all his vaccinations including rabies. He is an inside dog, and when I've taken him out, he didn't eat anything or drink any standing water.

Also, the vet that I go to has an emergency on call service (To be honest, I'm not 100% what it is) but the next closest one is about an hour away.
The symptoms he's got are possibles for parvo (unlikely since he's had his vaccines but still possible), an obstruction (which would be from eating something he shouldn't have) and also some sort of stomach virus. There has been some sort of really nasty bug going around lately and a couple people's dogs have gotten it.

I would put a call into your vet's emergency service and see if a vet calls you back. If so you can ask if this viral thing has been going around, describe the symptoms and get their advice on whether you need to bring him in now or wait until morning.

My big concern would be dehydration. I would continue to try to get him to drink water. If you've got a syringe you can syringe some into his mouth (but you need to do that quite often as it's a small amount).

I don't know what you have on hand. I would try activated charcoal or slippery elm but since probably don't have either of those I would try pepto bismal. I would go with the little pills you can crush up and follow the dosage for a child.

I would hold off on food until he's feeling more like himself. At that point I would go with very bland food like overcooked rice (cook twice as long with twice as much water) and white chicken meat. You can add a little canned pumpkin too.
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I've been trying to do the water thing as much as I can, but he is getting very annoyed of it very fast. How much is enough water? Is there any guideline on how much is enough water?

Since he was at the vet all day Friday and I paid to have an x-ray done just to say nothing is wrong with him, I'm not in the biggest thrill to go right back to the vet.
I understand that you don't want to go back to the vet...I would feel the same way. But if he's not better in the morning then I would go back.

Can you take his temperature?

Also, regarding the water. You can check his hydration by putting your finger on his gums to see if they feel tacky or you can pinch the skin at the top of his back and twist it and let go. If it springs back right away (test yourself to see a normal response) then he is ok.

Good luck! I hope this is just a 24 hour bug...
I also wonder if he had a delayed reaction to what ever they gave him to sedate him?
I would take him to the vet today. It might be a simple virus that he just needs to fight off, but the symptoms are also indicative of a more serious issue like parvo. With a puppy I wouldn't risk waiting, but I have a dog that got parvo as a puppy, so I am a bit more alarmed when I hear about a puppy that has vomiting/diarrhea.
I also wonder if he had a delayed reaction to what ever they gave him to sedate him?
This is possible but it's usually just nausea and not diarrhea.

How is he feeling this morning?
sounds like a vet trip is in order.
So the vet today has said that Rocky has Parvo. Which totally sucks. He was vaccinated for it, yet still got it. I also can't remember taking him anywhere that he can be exposed to it. We've taken him to the pet store a few times, but I can't imagine too many people bringing their sick dog to the pet store as a fun trip.

I opted out of keeping him at the vet for the new few days because I do not have the $$ for it, so I'm supposed to give an anti nausea shot and 100mL of fluids every 8 hours for the next two days.

He lays around a lot, but he'll walk around some. He hasn't pooped or peed in the house, which is encouraging to me (I'm using any excuse I can). Also, I haven't smelled the parvo diarrhea that everyone has explained when I've read through the boards. But, does any body have some tips for me that has been through taking care of a dog with parvo? Such as what I should look for?
I'm so sorry you are going through this, it is very upsetting. Our 1.5 year old Rottie mix, Kona, came down with parvo 4 days after we rescued her. She stayed at the hospital for 5 days, but she did survive and is a normal, healthy dog. I don't have any great advice for you, except to watch for dehydration. I will be sending out positive thoughts for you guys. Please keep us updated.
A pet store is exactly the kind of place that dogs pick up parvo - I am sorry that this happened to your puppy. :(

Canine Parvovirus

This has a ton of good information. You need to read it carefully. Can you get some Tamiflu? (not parvaid - people get them mixed up)

CareCredit Healthcare Finance - Payment Plans and Financing for Cosmetic Surgery, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Veterinary & Other Medical Procedures could help to cover the cost for now - if you pay it back super fast - no interest. Someone recently had a parvo pup - I will look for their thread - you may want to PM them. Here it is:

There is also some thinking (and I have no idea if it is right) that campylobacter masquerades as parvo and that by simply giving keflex you can up the chances of survival in a parvo diagnosis (if it is not that but the campystuff). Parvo or is it Campylobacter?
Can you get some Tamiflu?
Out of curiosity, what will the Tamiflu help with??

Should I be looking into pet insurance yet? I've been having problems with him for a while now? I'm curious if I just have a bad luck dog or something. I'm sure it isn't often that people hear about puppies getting parvo that have been vaccinated.q
I had an Aussie that had eye surgery before he was a year old (a cat scratched his eyelid and left a piece hanging). Even though he was up to date on all of his vacs, he got parvo while at the clinic. Because at the time I didn't realize he picked up parvo from the clinic, I took him back there to be treated. He was there for over a week. It was then that I found out the clinic was treating a litter of parvo puppies.

He did pull through and lived to be an old man.
My gsd Omy also had parvo when she was very young, even though she had been vaccinated. Parvo is a very nasty, persistent critter. I'm so sorry Rocky picked it up, try not to beat yourself up over it. Like I said Omy had it when she was very young but lived a happy healthy 12 yrs. I'm sure you're keeping a close eye on him but things can go bad fast, so do everything the vet says and try your best to keep him hydrated. I don't know where you're located but parvo can live in the soil, grass, etc, for months and even years, and the only thing that kills it is a bleach/water mix. So you might want to wash all the bedding, toys, floor, bowls, everything with a bleach mixture and spray the yard with it too. Poor Rocky, poor you- you both must be exhausted. Best wishes for a full recovery
Yes - puppies who have vaccines get parvo all the time because there is a window of time - that is why there is a series of puppy shots - so that you hopefully hit it right - and that is why everyone says do not take puppies out until a week after their second series, and many say do not take puppies out until a week after their third shots. I am not explaining it well - there are articles that do a good job! It is scary, because Parvo is everywhere and we have it on our shoes...when I have puppy fosters, I go nutso - I don't let them walk in the vet office, put a blanket on the exam table - but I know that I am just lowering the likelihood and there are no guarantees. Of course, the more you do to protect, the better, but still...scary stuff.

Here is the tamiflu info:
While this particular addition to the parvo treatment plan has not universally caught on everywhere, news of its efficacy has spread far and wide. This oral medication is typically given for five days starting as soon as the diagnosis is made. It interferes with the reproduction of the parvovirus so that the patient’s immune system essentially has fewer enemy soldiers to combat. This medication is helpful in the treatment of parvo patients plus can prevent development of the disease when given to exposed puppies. The key is to begin this treatment before the virus has had a chance to maximize its numbers; if treatment is started later in the infection, there may be so many viral particles present that little benefit can be realized.
I also think it's worth it it ask about antibiotic treatment in case it is campy...
I'm so sorry to hear that your pup has parvo. :( Luckily I have never had to deal with it. Sounds like you are getting a lot of good advice though. I hope he is able to make a full recovery. Hugs!
I will call tomorrow and ask about it the tamiflu. Plus I have to go back to the vet in 2 days for another round of antibiotics. And he completed his vaccines at about 3 months old. He is now 6 months old.
Out of curiosity, what will the Tamiflu help with??

I'm sure it isn't often that people hear about puppies getting parvo that have been vaccinated.q
I don't know the exact science behind Tamiflu, but it has been shown in some cases to lessen the severity of the virus. I have had no experience with it, but when my dog was going thru parvo, I did A LOT of research.

Kona had 2 sets of vaccines for parvo when she got it and I have talked to a few other people whose puppies got parvo after having all 3 vaccines for it. Unfortunately it happens more often than you'd think.
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