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Not barking? lol

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Ok, so I have a weird one. My dog is a little over 6 months, I've heard her bark possibly three times at the most since I have her. Twice at me during play and once at the garbage bin, lol.
It's not that I complain or anything, I was just wondering if this was normal? She's very well socialized so far but I wasn't sure if there was something wrong or is she just very well tempered?
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my 4 year old GSD mix almost never ever barks. she howls at you like a wolf when he's happy to see you after work, otherwise she might bark while playing with Cody but its pretty rare. some dogs just don't feel the need to be vocal i suppose..
lol well GSDs dont usually bark unless they feel its necessary though they're a vocal breed. maybe your pup is just hitting the dont feel the need no danger so no bark age early?

Riley our GSD/border collie mix barks at everything. Swear i could kill him sometimes. Zena barks when necessary so i trusted her judgement FAR more than i will EVER trust Riley. Shelby doesnt bark at anything except Riley when she thinks he's playing too rough with us and Shasta barks a lot but she's a vocal lil girl.
sounds like a winner to me and she does howl/whine when I come home!
maybe the non barkers are howlers lol

Cody is much more a barker. he has various tones/ frequencies depending on what he's barking about lol
Argos was not a barker. I think in the first 7 months of his life I head him bark for real maybe once? Definitely a whiner though. But the bark comes...just like everything else. He was also a super confident dog and pretty mellow as a puppy. I don't think he ever really felt the need to bark...
Maybe he is not much of a talker, just like the owner, :crazy: perhaps ?
i have a 3 yr. old male dog. he's not a barker.
i like it that way.
I think I've heard my 4 month old bark literally twice. Once at a dog three times her size when he was getting too rough, haha. I'm glad she's not a very big barker.
My mom has a dog that NEVER barked until 10 months old.....Now she can't get her to shut up!! LOL
My 5 month old is not a barker either. I can still count the barks on two hands.

Except at the non running vacumn cleaner (he barks) or if her really really wants to get a dog to play with him and I mean realy really really.

Instead he whines which actually I prefer to bark bark bark bark bark bark bark
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