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Just wondering if anyone has experienced any issues with Bravecto ?? I'm almost 100% sure its Bravecto that is causing the problem. During the winter permitting...I don't use it. So...... after her last dose and before her next scheduled dose, the weather got cold. Her nose began to look a lot better. All winter....Dec, Jan, Feb...her nose got better.

Then we gave her a dose for upcoming spring and bam....bumps appeared again along with her wanting to rub her nose on everything.

I do give her benadryl when it looks really inflamed and that seems to only help for a few hours.

PetMeds has offered to refund the price and pay for any treatment.

Any ideas on how I can alleviate her irritation???

Thanks in advance!!!!

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Look at the 3rd chart down Highlighted in yellow:

Species: Dog
Route of Administration: ORAL

It’s about 19 pages long of side effects ranging from the most reported adverse effects to the least adverse effects!

Face book page on Bravecto:

If this dog were mine, I would NOT give this medication, especially after noting the effect you’ve seen when it is given to her!
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