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We've been in contact with this club via email several times. The club is very close to where we live. We were thinking about taking our 3 year old Heidi down to see about getting her some training/positive reinforcement work. More for obedience than anything. If she responds well then maybe with more advance training as time goes by.

Anywho the club is Northeast Georgia Schutzhund Club and we've been given the ok to come and check the place out and attend some training events to see how we like the environment. Then if everything is a fit with us and them we can apply for membership and join.

Just curious if anyone here is a member of this club, or knows anything about them. They seem nice and they are really close to us which is an extra. We want to get involved in the sport for us and for our dogs.

I know a lot of members her are involved with Schutzhund, or clubs. Just wanted to get some input from you guys.

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