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No we are not training ... it's the TV !

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In my quest to get my Labs better trained I had started trying some clicker training. Wanting to know more I bought one of Karen Pryor's DVD's.

Last night I put it on ... all 4 dogs were snoozing ... there was a few minutes of talking, then the examples started ... At the first click every dog (including the two I've never introduced to a clicker) jumped up, ears erect, noses pressed against the TV, waiting for a treat to appear. I tried watching for a few minutes more, but what with noses in the way, the pups trying to get behind the TV to find the person with the treats, and me laughing hysterically I eventually gave up. DVD is now in my laptop and I'll be watching it when the pups aren't around ... got to love these guys :)

Joanne, Spirit and Eli
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Thats hilarious! I think I might look into that DVD.
Then the guarantee that clicker training works is true!!! YIPEE!

Actually, I *know* it does, because I use it.
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Thanks for the info on the DVD we have been debating on using or not using a clicker and apparently it works. Maybe we should try it on our 2 yr old to get him to eat his dinner, one bite, click and a treat etc. LOL
"mom i heard the clicky! Did you hear it? Wheres the cookie? wheres the cookie? how do i get it!"

I can totally see them searching the tv like mad-puppies looking for the treats!
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Thats too funny!
that just cracks me up, rofl
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