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"No, Koda, It's Not Time For A Walk...I'm Sorry"

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Every time I leave my room and head down to the other part of the house Koda thinks it's time for a walk. There are no exceptions. Sometimes he's a little more rambunctious than other times, but he generally tries to rush past me out the door, looks back a few times to make sure I'm coming, then does a running leap into the family room. If he realizes that it's not time for a walk, he tries to play it off like..."Oh..Um..I was really excited about this toy. Yeah, that's what it was..", then pounces on one of them.

I decided it was time to get it on video because it's cute/funny...

*Edit to add - It's so hard to believe he's the same dog who came to me with Heartworm. Before the treatment I would throw a ball for him in the yard and after 3 or 4 times of going to get it, he's just lie down and pant, he couldn't go anymore. Now he seems so happy and energetic, you can see just how much better he feels.
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aaaaaw, sooo cute. :wub:

if my keys jingle the dogs run to the door!
too cute! Mine does the same if I get anywhere near the garage she thinks she going to go for a car ride and get super excited!

Nice house by the way!
Ozzy does that too! He'll run outside, then sit in the yard looking at me like, "Hey, why don't you have the leash/ball?" Then I'll call him inside and he has the saddest, most disappointed look on his face.
Nice house by the way!
I can thank my parents for that. ;) They're letting the dogs and I live at home again while I get back on my feet and figure things out. Not where I want to be, but I appreciate their help!
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