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i taught my dog not to door dash or gate dash. when i open
the front door of the house or the car my dog has to wait
for a command to exit with or without distractions (people calling
him, a dog waiting for him to exit so they can play, some animal
running pass, etc.). i haven't tested his gate dashing for a long
time. whenever i let him out of the yard he waits for a command
to exit the yard. this morning when i let him out i to potty i decided
to prop the gate open and walk away. i propped the gate open and
i went inside. my dog can't see me. i standing inside the house.
i waited 5 minutes or so. when i was ready to let him in my neighbor
was leavinf for work. so i stood there waiting to see if he would
go to my neighbor. my dog always run to my neighbors. he stayed
in the yard. i walked down to close the gate and to release him.
i wanted him to stay in the yard untill i gave him a command to exit.
he stayed in the yard untill i released him. i released him, praised
him and brought him inside for breakfast.

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Congrats! That is a lifesaving thing for a dog to learn as it just takes one car if he dashes into the street. Smart of you to test it now and then.
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