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Nitro 2nd day at home.

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These are pics of Nitro,he is 11 months old.I somewhat rescued him from his previous owner who posted him on Craigslist.The previous owner had a bad back and was on workmens comp. because of it.So he was not able to walk him very good.I think he will love his new home.:D

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What a handsome boy and such a nice thing you have done for him!
what a hunk !!! Congrats on your new boy, very nice of you to give him a good home;)
Very handsome, thank you for taking him in.
What a gorgeous boy! That's sad that his owner wasn't able to keep him but really nice of him to find a better home- especially since it's YOURS!
He's pretty! Good for you for taking him!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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