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Nice Newspaper Article about BrightStar GSD Rescue

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Just thought I would share a nice article published in one of the area newspapers about BrightStar (I posted this in the Current Affairs Section also, but thought more Rescue people would visit here):

Here is Lad's, one of the dogs featured in the article, Urgent Thread:

Sadie, the senior girl, was pulled from a local HS when she was not doing well there.
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Darcy - great article!
Thanks Lori!!!

PS. Lad is now HW negative and neutered!!!
He's so gorgeous! I'm so glad you guys saved him from Bladen!
Wow Darcy, it really brings tears to my eyes to see how happy Lad now looks. As you may recall I helped transport him to boarding until transport could be arranged. He definitely looks much happier and healthier! Great job Brightstar!
Re: Nice Newspaper Article about BrightStar GSD Re

Great article! Woo Hoo!
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Oh! I am SO proud! Lad looks so happy! Thank you !

Bladen County, NC
I wish I had known the article was being written - I would have tried to have a bit of information included about Lad and Sadie's BEFORE history, but at least "we" all know.

I wanted to share this, because it is a nice story, but it is not just about BrightStar - everyone who helped Lad (and Sadie locally) should be very proud -I am of all of you - if that counts! lol

I certainly couldn't do my BrightStar role without the help of the trusted kindhearted smart people on this board.

This is an article about 2 of the lucky ones, but we all know there are so many, of every breed, that are not lucky every single day, and that is the truly heartbreaking, maddening fact.
Great Article!
hey Medina isn't that far from me

ps do you go to one of the Brightstar vets listed or do you use your own? --because none of them are really near either of us
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There's my Sadie girl
Haven't heard anything on her since she went to her foster home but looks like she's doing well
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Allie: I hear that she is doing very well with Ken and that she will most likely be his forever foster and he is great with that.

drkcloud4u: I take my BrightStar fosters to a BrightStar vet. For my personal dogs, I take them to another vet.
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