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Hi! This site looks awesome. I think I'm going to be doing a lot of reading. I wish I was motivated to register and post for a happier reason but what I really need is some advice.

My 7.5 month old puppy Theta (who's dozing at my feet as I type with one foot in my shoe--cuz that's apparently 2nd best when you aren't allowed to chew it) has been sick in varying degrees since August.

I have questions...and I apologize if I'm supposed to only post this kind of thing in "Health and Wellness" (?).

Theta was hospitalized w/ pneumonia for 4 days in August but her x-rays cleared and she went home w/ Metronidazole and Chloramphenicol". She was doing well...until a yellow mucus discharge started from both nostrils that eventually went to only her left nostril. She spent several weeks on Chloramphenicol but since the yellow discharge continued she was switched to Amoxicillin which had slightly better effect. When she was spayed earlier this month they also did a nasal flush. Nothing came back in the culture...but the "cytology" report suggests MAYBE "mycoplasma" bacteria (spelling?) now we just started "Doxycycline Hyclate." Theta has seemed relatively "fine" through most of this--active, eating normally, pooing regularly--BUT for the past few weeks she has been ITCHING A LOT poor thing...and her normally healthy coat appears to have dandruff. I'm going to call the vet about this after Thanksgiving...I have no idea if it's related but the last time I spoke with the vet on the phone he suggested there is such thing as IgA defficiency which she could potentially have. I've just started reading about this online. Problem is, $4000+ into this I can't keep nodding my head glumly at every test they want to run.

Any advice anyone could give about the next steps I should take to help Theta would be greatly appreciated. At this point she seems in the most discomfort from the itching...but the nose infection has me very worried too :(

Thanks in advance!
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