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Hey everyone, My name is Marlie and i love this site, I'm so happy i found it! I have a 4 year old female GSD named Sway, and i just rescued a new guy on tuesday. His name is Sphinx, and he is a 1 year old GSD (very very large boy!) He was bought as a guard dog for a dump yard and was kept out in a kennel run his entire life. He has zero manners, and has no idea how to live inside a house. He keeps peeing on everything like he's marking it. I forgot how hard it can be to train an older dog not to pee on things! Well anyway, heres what i need help on. Since bringing Sphinx home, my female just does NOT like him. She pushes him around, bites him if he gets to close, almost as if she doesnt know what to do with him. But he is so confused himself, i think he is just so excited to see/play with another dog he just cant control himself around her. He's very puppylike and loves to try to get her to play with him, but she stares at him and then will go straight for his neck really hard. I broke a few scuffles up before deciding to keep them seperated for now. I really need some help here if anyone can help, i think im in way over my head here!!

First, i'd like some advice on what i can do to help Sphinx (the new guy) on how to acclimate him to living indoors. He whines when i put him in his crate, like a constant screach like im killing him that he'll do nonstop until you let him out. He counter surfs, and is just waaaayy to rambunctious in the house. Not to mention his new found toy... my cat! Once he sees her, its on! He chases her like its his job, knocking over and breaking anything in his way to get to her. He barks like a madman at the cat!

And he bit my husband yesterday! Not hard, but we were outside in the backyard and my husband came through the gate and he ran up to him barking (sounded more of an excited bark than a viscious one) but then jumped up and grabbed his arm. He didnt bite down very hard, but left a mark. Right after he bit Jack, my husband, he was like oh nevermind, and he started to play with him. I'm afraid this may be the start of a bad habit. I dont want him biting anyone, hes way to big and he could seriously take a full grown man down if he wanted.

Second, I've always wanted to have a nice pair of GSD's who loved each other and wanted to be with each other, but apparently this is not what i got. I had to rescue Sphinx, as i was the one who saw him, called AC, etc etc. i just couldnt allow him to be PTS. But now i have two big dogs in my house and one just wants to fight. Any advice on what i can do to make her more tolerant of him, or better yet, actually enjoy his company? She's never really been a doggie's dog, but she will tolerate a calm relaxed dog in her presence with no problem.

Please please please! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Giving him up isnt an option, as i am already head over heels for him. I want him to have a great happy life here with us, but this is a lot harder than i anticipated!
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