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Hi everyone
I am a woman living in Canada with my amazing black GSD Zeppelin. He turned 2 in June and was neutered about 3 weeks ago. I’m here because of complications with his neuter and subsequent behaviour changes … I want some feedback. I have been reading on this forum since I got him almost 2 years ago (2 years in August).
Zeppelin and I enjoy hiking and swimming in the lake. He is a big beautiful goofy boy who is a great listener and is very empathetic. I am happy to report after being a love bug to every stranger he came across he has now adopted the typical aloof GSD personality.
I hope to get him CGN certified and eventually St John’s Ambulance as he is a natural in therapeutic settings (would visit in mental health facilities before COVID for training). I have high hopes for this guy. He has helped me become a better human, he is my heart!
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