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New Treatment for Canine Arthritis

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Dear Friends, I'm new to this website, but am so glad to find it, and hope to make many friends through it.
I don't know if any of you have heard of the newest technology available for treating canine arthritis. It's being offered after 2.5years of private canine studies in Colorado.

This same technology has been used successfully on the EQUINE'S all over America and Europe for the last 8yrs. You can go to any equine website or even type in: http://www.IRAP and come up with so many sites that offer the use of this product for horses all over the country.

This product is called: IRAP, (Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein). It is AUTOLOGOUS Conditioned Serum, meaning it is the animal's own blood, completely natural with NO additives or chemicals.

Through special incubation and processing the anti-inflammatory and growth factors are extracted from the serum, and injected into the affected joint or ligamentous tissue. The mechanism of the IRAP is to "block" the receptors in the joints or tissues from accepting the destructive cascade of properties that cause the arthritic process. As the anti-inflammatory effects take place, the pain is relieved, and the body is allowed to try and repair itself.

In our studies, we have seen effects lasting up to one year. These effects are: ridding of the pain and inflammation with return to moderate lifestyle. Many times there is no need for additional supportive medications with this treatment. We have had 100% success rate treating the hips, elbows, LS Joint, and ligamentous tissues.

By the way, I'm waiting on a GS puppy that is still a gleam in his daddy's eye. Hopefully I'll have my new soulmate by September! Wish me luck.
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Also being used to help horses...

Click Here
Good going girlfriend! As I had stated in my introduction , there are many EQUINE websites available to sing the praises of IRAP Therapy.
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My boxer had the irap done by our equine vet. Double thumbs up.
OH YAY! What joint/tissue did he inject? If you don't mind my asking?
how expensive is it?
Is IRAP therapy out of reach for people on limited income? Is it a one-time thing?
Maggie Rose Lee, That's an incredible equine hospital you linked to. My daughter's an animal science under grad, and I forwarded it to her just now.
Originally Posted By: Camerafodderhow expensive is it?
I was wondering that too!

I haven't ever calculated the cost of the Adequan over 2 years because there were times a friend gave me some to use but would be interested to see that.

There is also the fairly new VetStem stuff but this sounds interesting and long lasting too. Used in humans, too?

I swear, if you give it to a horse, I will try it!
Hey everyone! I just got back online, (my deer chihuahua was sleeping in!). I'm so excited about all the responses. Please refer to this link and we can talk further. GOOGLE: OSSEUS

Believe it or not, this came from Europe as they use it on people successfully there for the last 15years on hips, knees, and spine's.
It came here 8years ago for the EQUINE's as I spoke of before.

If you have any trouble with the link, please PM me and we'll get together.
Sherry M.
No Patty, its not out of reach, it is moderately priced and long lasting that we've found in our studies. How old is your dog? We've treated dogs at 2- 13yrs with 100% success. Which joint(s) are affected?
You can get further information by following this link: GOOGLE: Osseus

Sherry M.
moribelle can you post the actual links? ive tried both that you posted.
Hey there HANDSOME ! OOPS, I'm talking to your dog you know.

Just google it:, below where it offers a google address bar, put in : Osseus Enterprises.

That will bring you to: Veterinary Medicine, click on that. It says: Sherry McGarity,...... Osseus Enterprises...,

-- or since you're having such a problem, I apologize. If I may offer you more through a PM, or you could e-mail me directly at: [email protected].

So is your pup a boy or girl?
Hi Sherry, thank you so much for the info! Actually, my Grimm, aka "SnugglePig," is only 18 months and has no orthopedic issues, but my last GSD lived until age 15, and I am just so aware of how tough arthritis can be for older dogs. I am relieved to hear it isn't wildly expensive! Also, happy to hear it was used in Europe.. I am now living permanently in Germany, and who knows.. may need to find a find supplying this therapy someday. Thank you again Sherry for the information.
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okay, i misunderstood. i did google osseus enterprises and i found the page you mentioned, i just thought it was going to link me to an actual website with info specifically on canine irap and how to locate vets who practice it.

but thanks for the heads up, i'll do a bit more research and talk to a couple of vets about it.

btw, my pups a boy

i think you're the first person who's (w/o knowing his name) to look at his picture and not assume he was girl! i'll tell him, he'll be thrilled.
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You will find PLENTY of websites on IRAP Therapy
for equine's, but none about a CANINE application except ours. Just being honest. The reason for that is we have completed 2.5yrs of studies with 100% success rate.
**Just so you won't be surprised when you ask the vets and they look at you like you have 3 heads!
I wish you only the best, and if I can be of further help., please do not hesitate to contact.

I will tell you, VET STEM is at the UC Davis area, and are advertising their stem cell therapy. Just FYI, stem cell therapy and IRAP therapy are worlds apart.
Hey there Patty! Good God girlie, Your shepherd is the most beautiful one I've seen since my Pan and Moribelle. Is he a silver sable?

I wanted to clear up something. The IRAP is offered for PEOPLE over there, not canine's. BUT, maybe in 5 or 10yrs it will be there for the pups too.

By the way, how do I put their pictures up?

Hey Patty, is Grimm intact? The reason I ask is he's so magnificent and my breeder has been trying to get another silver sable for me for 14yrs, ever since I bought my Pan from her, he's been irreplaceable.
I know Grimm is more sable, but if she were to breed him to a white shepherd she has, it just might work.

We are going to try in June with the couple she has now, but this is the last straw for me. My soul aches for him, and my baby chi misses him as well.

Is this something we could discuss?
Originally Posted By: valleydogMaggie Rose Lee, That's an incredible equine hospital you linked to. My daughter's an animal science under grad, and I forwarded it to her just now.
It's what I do!!!!
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Have the studies been published, either in a journal or on the web? We are very nerdy on here and like to read those types of things.

What is the success rate based on? I noticed it says in conjunction with NSAIDs, hyaluronic acid (tricky spelling on that one), steroids and surgical intervention but then it says that patients are able to function without additional medication. Can you explain that more clearly?

And as for the silver the rescue boards on here, we've been getting lots of sables lately and they're usually young.
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