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I have a DDR and she is very stubborn. She did not show any drive as a pup, she was more like a 'yeah, whatever' type of pup, never interested in toys, still is not but will now happily play tug with me, I could chuck a ball for her and she would either ignore it or casually walk up to it, pick it up and toss it to the side and carry on walking or bring it back as though to say, you dropped this, and then go about her business. Not waiting for me to throw it again.I got the message, when she started to bury the balls in cow dung.

I used to work with ex military K9 handlers and they assessed her and said she does not have the drive to do protection work, so I concentrated on her obedience and tracking. Training her in obedience was a challenge because she was like a child with ADHD, I had to keep her focused on me by doing different movements as I walked her to heel. As she had no ball or food drive, I could not use those as a tool to keep her focused, what I found with her was that repetition, repetition worked best. Even today, she will try and push her luck and walk too far in front and every time I call her to heel, after a few paces she will casually walk ahead, as though the command was now null and void.

I met up with a retired PD instructor and his advice was to give her time and take things slowly with her, he gave me a tug and told me to play with her a few minutes a day and then put the tug away, after a few months she would light up when she saw the tug, so at 10 months I took her to protection classes. At first she just sat and stared at the decoys and they even asked me to try with the tug but she was having none of it.

I would have her sit by my side at the end of the line whilst the decoy would walk up to each dog and get them to bite a tug or the sleeve and for many a lesson, she still showed no interest, until one day she started getting excited and barking as she saw the decoy approach and took her first grip on the rag. She soon progressed onto the sleeve and she loved every minute of it. I remember one time, the instructor asked me to put on the sleeve, so that he could show me what he wanted me to do with my dog at my side when she would be given the command to bite. As soon as he gave her a command, she turned and went up the leash at him. There was no way that she was being told to attack me. Luckily the instructor was fast and no harm done but he said that I should just handle her from now on馃槄

She is now over 3 years and only recently has shown some food drive, so apart from her defense drive, she lacks the other drives.

So be prepared and be patient because they are not the easiest. People ask me if knowing what I know now, would I have opted for a different line, and my answer is NO. Would I get another DDR? maybe, depends on what my goals are for my next dog. Have 2 DDR's together? heck NO馃ぃ馃ぃ

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I'm always very surprised when people expect DDR dogs to have food or toy drive and be incredibly biddable out of the box, and to be worked as a modern sport dog. And then bad mouth the line... Czech dogs are often misunderstood, and young dogs can appear a bit nervy but it evens out as a dog matures if the handler does not panic and does not label the dog. I love the nerves of my current mostly Czech dog, he's maturing pretty nicely, just incredibly enviromentally sound and very steady dog. He is a hard dog, yes, he tried to push me around, took us a while to bond but now something special is there between us. Don't know how to put it into words exactly but I do not see him as just work anymore :)

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Thanks to the people who recommended me here.............I won't have anything until the two females on co-owns grow up though.....I have a nice producing male who could have a litter in a few months.............

I would be careful here - this is pretty open and I know sales/dogs from some mentioned here (NOT!!!!! Lisa!!!!) who are not honest or at all supportive....a while ago, a female listed on Craigs List came from one of these breeders....another breeder did a private collection to rescue the dog - NOT the breeder mentioned here! And yes - she was aware...may have chipped in $100....? but that's about it.

I have had a mostly DDR - I did 8 or 9 Sch/IPO3s on of my first pair of working dogs....taught me alot - no one WARNED me of what to expect with a DDR bred dog..........I won't repeat it all, it has been covered. And it is was difficult, OB was always a nice solid 85 without fancy heeling or perfect dumbbells- DUMB bells - what's the point??? seemed to be her attitude....clicker work made it acceptable but was going to pass so I accepted what she finally offered. Breeding her to an old line WGWL ended up being genius - except for his amber eyes(her face is my avatar)...and to quote Herr Wilfred Scheld when I questioned him about them....."who cares? LOOK at the rest of her"....he loved her pedigree, her looks, her work, her production - Tom's Omen is her grandson.

Everyone buying a puppy wants good health, stable temperament, good looks etc.....and that is what is in the breed standard. But I see soooo many faulty females who pass a test, so many off the wall bat caca crazy dogs who have "big names" in their pedigrees and are being used heavily by "big name" breeders - that you have to sift very carefully through the haystack to find a really balanced stable dog.

I am in Pittsburgh BTW.........may know of some pups/breeders who are trustworthy...

Can I get on an extended waiting list? It will be a few years but I'd really like to get a dog from you someday.

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East German dogs I鈥檝e seen just aren鈥檛 the type of dog I want. They bring a lot of traits to the table that are the exact opposite of what I want. I think it鈥檚 easier to focus on finding a dog with the temperament I want than chasing a particular dog. I鈥檇 rather have a dog I enjoy working with.
ETA: Particular bloodline, not dog

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Hey everyone,

New to this group, love what I have read in the forum so far everyone seems to be respectful and knowledgeable! I am currently looking to find a German shepherd puppy to add to my family! I am in love with the DDR East German Shepherds! I especially love when they have the yellow eyes, attached below is a DDR German Shepherd I cam across named Ryker who has the exact markings I am looking for in a puppy. Looking for a male and definitely a puppy! I am looking for a reputable breeder who backs their lineage and health of their dogs as well as being an ethically responsible organization, not looking for a puppy farm that pumps out lots of dogs and treats the puppies and other dogs poorly. Also would love a breeder who is knowledgeable and interested in following up with the care and growth of the puppy!

Thanks in advance I appreciate any and all help!
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I had an excellent breeder in California but she is no longer breeding. I only get DDR dogs because of the strict breeding rules that they used to breed for health and temperament. East German is all I鈥檒l get. If this is your first DDR you better be an experienced dog owner. They are very independent and require a very strong leader. They can be challenging. My last dog came from direct East German breeding with titled dogs. My breeder said that breeding in Germany was limited to only certified healthy dogs were permitted to breed. I couldn鈥檛 bear to have a dog get hip or elbow problems. There is supposed to be a good breeder in Colorado but I can鈥檛 find the name.

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What Fodder mentioned above (it鈥檚 all good when you have that ball in your pocket) was my challenge in regards to a lots of prey drive and a big and growing ego and strong will but in the end happy for it. It does make me wonder how the mastiff breeds are without that prey drive. Never had a mastiff type breed. I always like those black cane corsos but think that would be way to much dog with little room for mistakes. I like protective breeds but I like high thresholds in any dog that is strong and powerful. I keep hearing the DDR shepherds are not what they once were. I found them to be very naturally obedient extremely well mannered but a strong dog if the need arises. It depends on a particular line with the line itself and how that all plays out what kind of dog you will get- it鈥檚 were the reputable breeder come in and honest to be able to match you with the right pup.
My last dog was a Corso, came from a breeder who showed, participated in dock diving and did some protection work.. he had drive, but there is def a different energy to them. They are a serious dog, there are many things you don't want to get wrong for sure. As for ability and willingness to participate in training, he had sufficient drive for that but not the intensity of working line GSDs. The main difference I noticed was how sensitive my Corso was, if I lost my cool out of frustration he checked out lol and it was generally a lost moment until he was certain my cool was regained and we were all smiling again. Smart and trainable without a doubt, and properly socialized (at least for my Corso) a rock solid dog in public, he let me take the lead, didn't back down if he thought something was off but there was ample warning - he'd stand his ground but never instigate a fight. For the right person (like any serious guardian or working breed) he was an awesome dog and def my heart dog. I love my Finn now, but totally diff relationship and dynamic.

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Thanks for the info. They sound much like German shepherds in some of the things you mentioned. Maybe mid level drive, trainable but extremely powerful. My friend has a mastiff he is sweet gentle boy but had low low energy walking a block was enough. He is not such a confident dog and she had trouble with getting him to do what she wanted in the beginning- just a basic sit. I always thought if the dog had aggression and with that combination it would be a real bad combo as he was an extremely powerful dog. The dogs head was the size of lions. I had never owned mastiff type breed so was curious.

My daughter was asking about them as she is concerned she will not have the time required for a gsd in their early years when she is on her own which made me look do a small amount of reading into them. German shepherds will always be number one on her list though. It is a luxury to own a dog and time is needed to into anything to make it the best they can be but all energies vary. After having a dogs that will stand his ground to protect you is a required bonus on both our list.

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AAAAAnd! be careful....there are dogs out there having litters and the owners say - and probably believe - they are 100% DDR - but they aren't! Saw a nice one a little while ago....bottom line almost all DDR in 5th generation - but sire was mostly Czech/Slovak.....
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