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Hello, new to forum. I just took in a reacue last week, an roughly 9 month old GSD or GSD/Mal mix. She was a stray that was running down a busy collar, no chip. Aside from needing some training, she's doing really well and basically felt "home" on day one. We were expecting a total lack of house manners, but have been pleasantly surprised. She is learning so fast, eager to please and gets along with our resident couch potato Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

Was curious what folks thought about her and if you see Mal in her? I've seen photos of blonde/fawn GSD's, but other than color her face looks very GSD to me. (No Mal buggy eyes). She will pose like a GSD, but does not have an exaggerated sloped back (glad for that). She's about 24 inches at the shoulders and weighs about 60lbs right now. I expect her to put on 5-10lbs.

Trying to post pics...
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