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Hi All! In my current state of having a mental break down LOL, I am trying to find out all information on spaying.

I do a lot of rescuing and without getting into the very sad and long details basically we rescued a very sorry cat two years ago, she had her claws growing in her skin so we had to declaw her, I assumed they had laser surgery (like every single other Vet I went to) they didn’t… and her paws got mangled… I vowed never to just assume again.

I have not spayed a dog in over 10 years! Is there any new type of surgery I should ask about? Like a special laser that makes it hurt less, or do they even use laser for that? I know in human surgery they can now make a tiny hole and take organs out (for certain organs) is this something Vets do?

I’m looking for any new types of surgery I need to ask about since my area is a lot less technology advanced then my old town.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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