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New Schutzhund 3

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I took the suggestion and started a new post as Giada vom Fallsview got he SchH3 this pass weekend Nov-13-10
Giada is a very special dog to me. She is always welling to do what ever I ask of her.
Giada is HOT trained.

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congrats ! and she is a beauty:)
Congratulations and well done.

Silly question: Hot training? Google failed me!:(
She is absolutely beautiful!
Congratulations again!!! Always pleased to see home-bred dogs do so well!!!

Deathmetal: HOT stands for: Handler/Owner Trained.
To differentiate from competitors who buy SchHIII dogs to compete with. A much bigger accomplishment to earn a title on a dog that one has bought up and trained oneself from puppyhood.

What a beautiful girl and what an accomplishment!
Congratulations! That's so amazing! :)
Congradulations! Awesome job :)
Thank you to all.
Yes I'm very proud to of bred and trained this dog to schH3 . A lot off hard work but when it pay off it's very rewarding.

On the same weekend I also put a schH1 on my home bred and HOT
HOT - Handler Owned and Trained.

Thank you very much Guys
Beautiful GSD, and congrats on the cert!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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