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new puppy

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My family and I have added a german shepherd puppy last week her name is abby.

I have a few Questions.

She will not respond to her name.(abby) we try to call her but no reponse.

She has 2 older brothers. a jack russal mix. and a 6 month old dobermin.

she would rather play or be close to the other two, than with us. not interested in training with treats( sit, stay, or even come.)

she isnt interested in playing ball or toys. she has a bone that she steals from her brothers.

Am i expecting to much?

she starts puppy training next week.

Thank you
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When you try and train do you get her seperated from the other dogs?? I think right now shes having more fun with them then with you. Youll have to make it just as much if not more fun to hang out with you. Its only been a week, give it some time for her to adjust to everything.

Take her for walks, just you and her and make it a blast, take along some treats and maybe a toy.
It sounds like you need to separate the three when you are working with the puppy. You need to make you the most important thing in her world and that could be hard to do if the other two are constantly in the picture at the same time. That is not to say they should not have their time as well-you just need to control it a little more during the bonding period.

I am currently looking for a second dog, and this is one of the items i have talked with several breeders about and so far they have been pretty consistent with the advice in this area.

May want to do your training periods before feeding (or cut back on the amounts you are feeding) to increase her desire for food treats. Also experiment with toys to see if there are any that she is really interested in-use that toy with her for her training periods.

Try to continue to use her name, when she responds mark/award with treats and/or lots of praise.

Use word association for the commands also. When playing with her when she runs toward you mark with "come" - don't just use it in training periods.
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maybe she's broken!

how old is she?puppy can take time to train.what kind of treats are you using?
responding to her name can take a while,i would rather start with basic commands like sit, down, watch me, small stuff.
put her by herself when training,she can focus better.
good luck with the training, don't give up!
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I too think she is spending too much time bonding with the dogs instead of you. Keep them seperated more.
ok thank you.
I had a german shepherd when I was younger. He was very attached.
My mother has him. They are like peas and carrots. When I moved she wanted him to stay couldnt break them up. My mom is older and lives on her own. She enjoys his company and protection.
again thank you.
learning all over again.
from crate training to potty training,
socializling among other things.
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