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Hi everyone,

Im from Portugal (Europe). New here. Im looking for a GSD (maybe more in the future), primarily for guard/protection propriety and personal protection, do not intend to do any sport/competition. My experience with GSD is farly low, i have one working line GSD (mainly WGWL with a tiny bit of DDR i believe). I´ve heard good things about DDR lines for protection/guard jobs, thats why im looking for these lines. I live in a farm, so some herding caracteristics might come in handy. Im looking for a robust, healthy, strong lineage but not necessarely a "killer" dog, i intend to do some socialization to avoid any too much agressive behaviour. Anyway i dont know where the majority of you guys are (I suppose this website is used more by US citizens) but i´ve heard there are some nice kennels in Germany and/or Czech republic that have good DDR lineages. Von Lord Fandor, Vom FelsenSchloss, Vom Haus Iris, Vom Parchimerland, Vom grafental...
Can you guys based on your experience recommend me any breeders (from the ones i mentioned above or others of your experience)? Maybe what to avoid or what to look for?

Thank you
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