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We got our new puppy last Monday. He completed his 8 weeks on Friday. Since we got him, I've noticed that he is not eating well. His is current on his shots and when we took him to the vet for his checkup (stool examination as well), he didn't show any other worms other than Coccidia. He was on meds for coccidia till yesterday.
The breeder had been feeding him EaglePack Puppy and we've continued for he time being with the same and added some cooked chicken as well to entice him. I've also tried a little bit of cottage cheese mixed in. He still doesn't eat more than 1.5 cups total per day. The label states anywhere where 2.5 cup to 3.5 cups in this age group. He has another vet visit in 2 more weeks..but I'm worried in the interim that he is not eating well.

Are the other puppies eating in the range of what the label indicates ?
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