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New Pup

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Still too young to come home, but agreed on which pup would be mine ... it was mutual all around.

A pack of pups ... guess which one is going to be mine???

Do you see him yet?? Have you figured out which one's going to be mine?? *grin* He climbed right up in to my lap while the other pups were napping on the floor. I hadn't even been playing favorites, trying to play with all of the pups - giving them all equal time and attention to learn their personalities and pack behaviors.

If a puppy could purr ....

Meet Logan, my new Lap Puppy! (Well, soon-to-be ... )

And he's the one I've had my eye on since he was born, too. :wub:

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sounds like a mutual agreement to me!!!! he's adorable!! cant wait to see more pictures!!!! and so true about if puppies could purr....
Congrats!!! Enjoy while it lasts mine is already too big to carry.
cool! pups do "purr" in a way. mine make noises when they're getting pet, some one told me it was the equivalent of a purr...maybe they were me lol

Excellent - he picked you!!! :wub: You have made a wise decision letting the puppy make the decision :). Good luck with him - we are going to need to see lots and lots of pictures....especially those of us who have decided to wait until spring to get their puppy, we will live vicariously through you and your new little one!

Thanks for sharing!
awwwwwwww how CUTE
Adorable! He reminds me so much of Panzer as a young pup. :) How long do you have to wait?
Adorable! He reminds me so much of Panzer as a young pup. :) How long do you have to wait?
I would LOVE if he turned out as handsome as Panzer when he gets older!!!! :wub:

Of course, I'll love him no matter what he looks like, and he'll be the most handsomest puppy in the world ... alongside my mini-aussie, of course ... *grin*

Loved it, he's the one the breeder would have picked for me, the one *I* picked, and I'm the one *he* picked .... so it's all good!

I have about another week before he comes home. He was around 5.5 weeks in the pics, about a week ago, so he's close to 6.5 weeks now ... he'll come home in between 7 and 8, depending on the exact day. Sooo.... in a week. :cool:

He just got CERF and cardiac checked the other day - waiting to hear how that visit went.

Instead of starting a new thread, just updating my old one.

Some babies drink milk ... MY baby drinks PepsiMax! Go, caffeine!!!
(Yes, I soon after removed the label.)

Logan, at 8 weeks old.

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I love it when they pick you. Congrats, looking forward to seeing more of him.
What a cutie!
Logan is so cute, congrats! :)
Awwww such a beefnugget!!!
awwwww Logan is so adorable :wub: I want a puppy, but my mom would kill me
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