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Well I haven't been around here much lately. As some of you know my best friend of nearly 10 years, Rocky passed away on January 5th. When we brought him into the vet to arrange cremation the first thing I notice is a picture of a 10 year female GSD on the counter, she is a nice looking long coated girl. She was an owner surrender due to neglect. Even though I thought it was entirely to soon I felt it was a sign and that it was meant to be. A week later and Gracie was at our house!
She has since had a birthday and is 11 now. She gets around great, goes for walks, and runs around the yard. She helped me through a really hard time losing Rocky.
Last Thursday night we brought home our new GSD puppy Apollo (Xoro) he is an x litter pup that's why we had to pick an x name to put on his papers. He awesome, he just turned 8 weeks on Thursday. We are taking it slow with the 2 of them together. She doesn't tolerate the puppy behavior very well.
Here they are!
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