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New member and soon to be owner

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Everyone, i'm new to the forum and soon to be an owner. Just a little bit of background story about myself before I jump into my question. I'll try to keep it short.

So I'm a single child in the family and when I was a kid, my parent got me a black lab (named Frankie) as a campanion. However, Frankie was more than just a campanion, he was a brother to me. Unfortunately, he passed away 5 years ago due to liver cancer
When he first past away, I couldn't see myself being able to let him go and get another dog. About 2 years ago, my parent got a yorkie terrier (female and now spayed) My parent just loves her to death and she is a very smart and beautiful girl. However for the past while, a good 4 to 5 months, I've been wanting to get another large size dog. As cute and fun as my parent's terrior are, I still prefer a big dog. There is just so much more you can do with a large dog, IE, hiking, jogging..etc (i tried taking my parent's terrier for a jog once and it ended pretty quick
as she got tired pretty fast)

I've done alot of research online as well as talked to different dog owners, I have pretty much decided that a german shepherd fits my lifestyle the most because of their active nature. I'm a pretty active guy, i'm very into outdoor activities. However, I live in an apartment and I work a typical 8 to 5, monday to friday, office job During the day, obviously I can't take care of the dog and a dog like a shepherd requires alot of attention. So my plan is to bring the dog to my parent's place in the morning (only 10mins drive away) and my mom doesn't work, so she is home pretty much most of the time. This way, the shep will get some attention while being look after while i'm at work. My usual routine after work is to go for a jog or a hard run after work and it will just be awesome to have a dog like a german shep. to come along.

My question is, say monday to friday during work hours, I bring the dog to my parent's place. How well do you guys think the shepherd will get along with my parent's terrier? Believe me, my head will roll if anything bad happens to the terrier
I know it has almost everything to do with the two dog's behavior. and I know the terrier will get along with the shepherd really well, because she loves making friends and get along with other dogs well just only at times she gets personal with her food bowl.

Any advice or concerns I should know about? Because I found a breeder and they got a litter of pups ready to go at end of august.

Thanks in advance
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get your pup like on a friday evening after you get off work then the next day take it to your parents house for a short time so the dogs can get to know each other some on sat then sun before you just drop it off on your way to work it will be easier that way and you will be there to help supervise at first
Welcome to the site! Good idea to have a crate at your parents house, so yorkie can get some rest from the little alligator teeth! I would also have you and your parents be sure to be on the same page as far as training, practicing NILIF as they will be spending as much time with your pup as you. Good luck and we love pictures here, please post some when you get your pup!
You also do realize that it is going to be at least a year before you should take your pup running right?

Does your mom know what a baby GSD can be like? The are generally a LOT different than a lot of other breeds as puppies.
Quote: Because I found a breeder and they got a litter of pups ready to go at end of august.
Sometimes small dog compatibility, energy level, and attention needs can vary with the kinds of lines the dog comes from. Can you tell us more about the breeder your pup will be coming from? What are their dogs like?
I agree with above, definately have a crate and maybe even a little exercise pen for your parents house, that way the Yorkie can have her space as well, although don't sell the little terrier short, I have had a Yorkie, Jack Russell Terriers and a Cairn Terrier with my multiple German Shepherds and they get along just fine, in fact the Shepherds quit before the Terriers do! It's good that the puppy is the Shepherd as well as he will have learned the rules of the game from the little Yorkie, believe me! LOL!!!!
just wanted to second the comment about waiting at least til the age of 1 year to jog with a gsd.
thanks for all the input guys. Don't worry, of course I'm not going to take a young pup jogging or do any hard exercise. The pup will ease himself in shape alot side of me.

The puppy's father is a retired police dog and the mother have gave birth to a few police dog.
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