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Hey all - Been lurking, getting closer to buying my first GSD (had plenty of animals and dogs in my life)

I am beginning the process of de-arming my household from firearms (not all of them of course), in favor of a GSD first, firearm second type of solution to issues

I also would love to have my GSD with me all day since I run my own business. Looking forward to learning even more than I already have from y'all. Took a long time to determine GSD was my match. Besides the shedding (which was the big fight with my wife), GSD is a perfect fit for us. heck, if I can deal with having to clean out the drains in the house from the women/girls I live with, I figure I can brush out my boy on a daily basis as well.

Anyway, as you can tell, I type what comes out of my head, so let me apologize upfront for my long winded intro
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