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New lump on Jake (pictures) advice?

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My husband found this new lump on Jake this weekend. It is on his right hip, but does not feel like it is attached to the bone. It is the size of a small grape.

I just groomed Jake last month, and used an undercoat rake and never noticed this. I would think, especially using a rake, I would have. Is it possible that this grew that fast? His fur is very thick there, but I can feel this lump by barely touching him.

I am very worried now. It took him too long to get back to normal after his last surgery. Should I just have a needle aspirate done?

*sigh*, I don't think I want to know. But I know I need to.

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If Jake were my dog I'd take him to the vet as soon as possible for an evaluation and get a biopsy if needed. I know over the years I've found things on the Hooligans I've wondered how I could have ever overlooked.

Good luck with Jake and give him an extra hug or two from us.
well, i know you can't help it, but don't start freaking out just yet. get it checked. it's appearance makes me think maybe it's a "hot-spot" or some other skin thing. you said it's not attached to bone so i would think that's a good thing. did you call the vet?
My brody just had something that looked like that on him. I took him to vet and they tested it. It came back as a histocytoma which is not cancerous. From what Ive read it usually happens on young dogs or senior dogs and it will go away. After I paid the 150.00 it started to decrease in about a day or so. It sure scared me though. Worth the 150.00 to find out what it was. They are also known as button tumors. If you google it you can find pictures that look just like your pictures. Best to take to the vet though but relax I just about drove myself crazy sick thinking the worse.
Sorry guys, I thought I put it in my original post. He is going to the vet this afternoon. I just have never had a needle biopsy done before, and after the last surgery finding out about the cancer, I wasn't sure what I should do. I will see what the vet says, and let you know.
The needle biopsy wasnt really bad at all. Brody never even flinched and they put it in 3-4 times. I had lots of treats and he just sat there eating all the treats while they did it. It really didnt even bother him. I will keep thinking positive thoughts for Jake. Try not to worry. I know its really hard but stay positive. The worse part of the whole thing for us was it was done on a friday so I had the whole weekend to wait then I didnt find out till thursday.
<span style="color: #3333FF"> Best wishes for Jake and you!</span>
Autie Val is sending Hugs to Jake.

External sores are usually not the big bad "C".
Ok, thanks for helping me not panic. I looked up Histiocytoma before I went to the vet. That is what it looks like. I felt much better before we left.
When we got to the vets he says he is pretty sure that is what it is too. He did the needle biopsy, so we will know for sure in a couple of days.

If that is what it is, I guess they go away on their own? So I will just have to keep an eye on it.

Thanks again guys, I will post when I get the results back.

Breathing a little better now.
Oh thats good to hear. I think it took about 2 weeks for Brodys to be gone totally. I remember the day after he had the biopsy done it started to shrink a bit. Now all he has is a bald patch under his belly. Yeah! Hope Jakes goes away soon. Let us know when you get the results back. Keep positive!
Tammy, I know it is hard especially in Jake's case not to panic when you feel a lump. But there are those lumps that are contained under the skin, those are the ones to be most concerned about, INHO. Then there are those lumps that are actually in the skin/hide layer and errupt, normally not the big bad "C".
Thanks so much Val. I didn't realize there was such a big difference with the lumps under the skin, and the ones on top. I felt better after you mentioned that.

It is really hard not to worry. All we went through last year, making sure his cancer hasn't spread, will always be a concern. I am careful to make sure he gets all his supplements. Everyday is filled with worry for my boy, and when Ken found the lump, not me, his face was full of worry.

Phew, we feel so much better now.
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hang in there, tammy.
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Just wondering how everything turned out. Hope everything turned out ok.
How did I miss this? I must not have been on the board.

Any news?
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