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For all you Oregonians up in the Portland area, there's a new indoor dog park/daycare in SE. I just visited it today and it's REALLY nice.

Fido's Indoor Dog Park - Fido's Indoor Dog Park

Fido's Indoor Dog Park in Southeast Portland definitely a big deal |

They just opened on August 28th, but it's a huge facility. It has a nice indoor pool for exercise or training. It's clean and it's virtually chemical free. Plus, we can get in with our dogs :)

It's a little spendy at $10 a visit, $100 a month, or $1000 for a yearly pass, but they've got Wi-Fi throughout the building, and a lot of places where you could work or study while your dog plays.

The only things that worry me is that they don't do any kind of temperament check before letting you in. They do, however, require proof of inoculations.

I think we'll probably take our pup there when he's a bit older.
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