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Hi Everyone,
I've been reading this wonderful website for awhile. I finally tackled signing up as a member. I started to before and couldn't decide what to call myself....
Little is my only furkid at the moment. I adopted her June 2006, after first taking her in as a foster from my local shelter. We hadn't planned to keep her, but my hubby and I fell in love with her, and we couldn't let her go!
She's a white GSD/ Lab, and maybe some Corgi. The Corgi part would explain the "funny" ears and short legs with the GSD/ Lab torso. She's a sweetie, and the best fetch dog ever!
My darling Beloved Miko was about 14 years old when she passed in February 2010. We adopted her in December 2004 from a local shelter, age 9, and she had Heartworm Disease. Her previous owners had kept her outside all the time.
I had seen her picture first online and fell for her then. When I went to see her at the shelter, she sat on my foot, leaned into my leg, and claimed me!
She was a devoted incredible companion. I am still in mourning. But I do have wonderful memories, and am so grateful for the joy she brought into my life.
Meanwhile, I'm looking for more info on the Raw diet for Little's allergies. Her ear and skin infections and allergies were terrible when I took her in to foster her. She has improved about 90%, but I'd like to be able to stop all itching, and discontinue the Hydroxyinzine pills, if possible.
Before I forget, I want to say I was introduced to this forum by the wonderful GSD rescuer/adopter/ photographer/ and author, MatsiRed!
I'd like to post a picture of Little in here, but don't know how!
My avatar is my last picture of Miko at home.
Forever Loved
Forever Missed

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