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Quote: Five-year-old Brutus was brought into the shelter for observationd for nipping the finger of an officer that gave him a jerky treat. He was nearly starved and sntched the treat hungrily including the tip of her finger(scratch). He suffered a bout of loose stools, was treated for parasites and tested negative for Heartworm. He still eats very voraciously but is not aggressive. The vet figures he just needs to be neutered and sent to a home where he will receive ample amounts of food an love and this handsome guy will fatten right up.He does not like cats and gets alongs with SOME dogs. He does like kids but should live with older children because of his tendency to snatch food. NO APPOINTMENTS NEEDED. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADOPTING THIS PET PLEASE VISIT THE SHELTER MONDAY - SATURDAY 12:30 - 4:30 OR CALL THE SHELTER AT (203) 946-8110 All dogs are vaccinated and in most cases altered prior to going to it's new home. In-State Fee $80 cash only Out-of State Fee (no voucher)$35 cash only Proof of homeownership required( mtg statement,tax bill) Landlord approval required for renters.We require that your dog meet our dog so bring him/her/them along.
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