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Hi everyone, I am new here and have just posted a few times so far. Everyone is so helpful I thought I'd ask about something that our new GSD is doing. Might sound dumb but I just want to make sure what I should or shouldn't do! Anyways, we have had our new almost 5 year old female for about a month now. She's been so very quiet up until a week ago as far as barking goes. She never made a peep the first few weeks which is understandable in a new place. She's very sweet, laid back, somewhat timid and aloof too. She has begun to bark everytime someone knocks at the door, I mean REALLY bark and run over to the door smelling the crack. Also, a neighbor walked across the street too visit us, she hadn't met him yet, she barked like that at him too...then stopped but didn't seem to want to have anything to do with him, sort of jumped back away from him when he held his hand out to her. She seems fine with the little neighbor kids, most of the adults too...But is now barking when our adult children open the front door to visit us. (they are married and don't live here anymore). As soon as they say, "hey girl, you know me!" and start trying to pet her, she stops of course, but being that I am new to the GSD world, I am wondering if this behavior is "normal", is it OK to be so protective, and what should my reaction be to her as far as calming her down? I just don't want to make any mistakes with her....Any advice would be great! So far, we love her, she's been so easy to housebreak, very snuggly too! We have 2 rough collies and a little pom, but they don't protect at all, usually just bark at the squirrels out our back window and that's about it! I am just not used to the protective-ness of her and wondered if it was ok for her to be like that? One more thing, I have been taking her to obedience classes the past 3 weeks and she's fine there, seems to have no interest in the other dogs or people one way or another....thanks for reading my long post!
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