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Hello all, it has been a long time since I've posted. I decided to stop posting after everything happened with my GSD, Chief...but I wanted to come back and stay active with the rescue section of the forum since I am still heavily involved with that. I was a volunteer with Greater Houston GSD Rescue but the President of that, Julane, and a handful of volunteers and board members, including me decided we were sick of what the group was turning into and all quit to start our own GSD rescue called Second Chance.

We obtained our 501-c3 non-profit status recently and have been growing in numbers and in a very positive direction. We have great reputations with the local shelters thanks to Julane, who is the president of our new group and also the intake coordinator. We are doing awesome at events and have been getting a lot of great adopters and volunteers so we are able to save more dogs. We are hoping to continue making a good name for ourselves and work alongside other GSD rescues. We also have members from Austin GSD rescue who volunteer with us.

This is our website link:
Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue Houston

I just want to get the word out about our new group and anyone is welcome to add us to any contact lists, if anyone in Houston posts here and is interested in volunteer opportunities, just send me a PM. I am currently fostering for Second Chance and doing intake/shelter evals, also some adoption committee tasks and events of course. My 2nd foster dog got adopted last week and I will be bringing my new foster home on Monday. Thanks for reading!
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