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I currently have a 4 year old Black Labrador that I feed her Fromm Adult Gold kibble on twice a day.

We are getting a GSD Puppy in 7 weeks (born last week) and looking at what best to feed her on.

I've read through as much of the forums as possible and my mind is awash with everything on food :)

The lab we have was on RAW for 6 months but we changed her back to kibble about 6 months ago as when we decided to get the GSD, in reality the cost was going to be too much for RAW for them both so wanted to go a good quality kibble.

Anyway - would I just be as good to feed them both the Fromm adult Gold or get a large breed puppy kibble at first for the pup ?

I was just going to go with Fromm Large Breed adult Puppy as I believe that Fromm is a good manufacturer (someone will likely tell me different on here now:) ) and I can get it both from the same local shop here in Canada.

Any help would be great.

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