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Hi All,
We are Steve and Jenn and are new owners of an 11 week old female GSD, Dublin! We have an older Great Dane, named Connor as well. It's been a long time since we have had a puppy and many adjustments are being made and lots of questions are being raised, mainly "what were we thinking?" We were grateful to find this forum and hope it be of great benefit in helping us raise our new pup and help anyone else who may have concerns or questions.

Our biggest issue now is, we both work full time jobs that keep us away from home for 8hrs in a day. We are keeping her in our laundry room while gone. The room isn't SUPER big but its the only place besides her kennel that is safe and allows her a bit of exercise room and freedom. She has a window on one end to look out and and doorway that looks through the kitchen on the other. Lots of chew toys and a bed. This doesn't seem to be ideal though, almost like she has too much room. Tantrums a plenty. Before she destroys the walls and such, do you all have any suggestions on how to curb this behavior? Any toys that you all use that challenge your pups and keep them occupied until they are ready to nap? Any and all help appreciated!

Thanks for letting us join this special group!
Steve and Jenn
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