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New GSD Family in GA

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Hey folks...we just brought home our first GSD pup this past week. His name is Dexter.

He's been awesome so far. We've had labradors for years and lost our elderly female this past spring. When it was time to get our 8 year old lab male a new companion we decided to look at German Shepherds.

Cooper (our lab) is about 80 pounds and spent the first few hours ignoring Dexter. Now, a few days into things, they're sorting things out and playing well.

Our daughters (6 and 3) looooooove their "Dex" and the wife is happy to have two dogs again.

Here's a pic from the ride home...after picking him up. He's about 3 months old and 22 lbs in the pic...
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:welcome: And a complete little cutie!
Welcome!!!Congrats on your new addition!!!
Welcome, he sure is a fine looking boy.
Welcome from a fellow Georgian. What part?
Cute guy, enjoy your little land shark!
Congrats and welcome! He is gorgeous!
Welcome and congrats, he is a cutie!
Welcome from a fellow Georgian. What part?
Cute guy, enjoy your little land shark!
Cumming GA.

Took him out for his first greenway trip today to socialize him a bit and get him some leash time.

He got a little spooked by bicycles and protective around other dogs, but loves anyone who will pet on him. We got lots of oohs and aahs from people.

"Land shark" is a pretty good his gait when he runs.
Awww congrats! He's adorable! Cute name too! Hope you enjoy him! They're great. I have my lab mix and a 6 month old shepherd, and they're my pride nd joy! :)
Welcome! My sister lives in Stockbridge, GA.
:toasting: Congrats on your new pup :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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