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We've had Osa home for almost 2 weeks now!:wub: When she came to us she was on TOTW Wetlands formula. We feed Regen TOTW High Prairie. Osa's previous owner said she didn't seem to have a sensitive stomach in general. When she came home, we kept her on TOTW Wetlands for a week, and have gradually been mixing with High Prairie this week.

Since she's been home with us, we've noticed that she has developed room-clearing gas. She also has had soft stools or runny stools about every other day- her first poop is usually firm or normal, but she has often had a second movement about an hour or two after she eats that is not well formed.

Could this be stress, or something she's eating? I didn't know if we should go back to 100% Wetlands and remove all training treats except cooked chicken or if this was likely to even out.

I'm hoping the gas goes away. As soon as she relaxes...holy heck!!:help:
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